Paediatric Services

STAMP Paediatrics LaunchThe Western Trust provides acute and community paediatric services, including services for children with complex needs and those requiring respite care. 


Paediatric services also include:


  • Hospital and community based outpatient clinics for children.
  • Daycase services for children.  

For general parental information and advice about child health visit the NHS CKS website




Watch our video to help prepare your child for their first visit to the operating theatres at Altnagelvin Hospital.


Community Children’s Nursing


The Community Children Nursing (CCN) Team provide nursing support and advice for children who have a long term illness or are disabled, and for their families and carers. CCNs are based in the community rather than in hospitals, though they work closely with hospital staff. They work in teams that include health care assistants.


Health care assistants are trained to provide nursing support at home for children with a disability or with a long term illness. They work under the supervision of CCNs.


CCNs work to:

  • co-ordinate care for your child
  • get up-to-date information about your child’s condition
  • organise any training or equipment you might need
  • minimise pain and discomfort for your child.


How does the CCN service work?


A CCN will visit your home to assess your child’s condition and needs and the level of family and carer support available. The CCN will consider any equipment or training your child needs, or anything else that will help, and will work with you and any other carers to develop a plan of care for your child. Our health care assistants may also be involved in caring for your child. Your CCN will arrange a timetable of visits that suits your family’s routine. They will also leave contact details in case you need to speak to them between visits.


How can I contact the CCN service?


You can contact us from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. You can leave a message on the answer machine and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. The numbers to contact, depending on where you live, are:

  • Waterside Health and Care Centre: 028 7132 1720
  • South West Acute Hospital: 028 6638 2187
  • Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex: 028 8283 3298


Click here to open the Community Children's Nursing Service Leaflet 


Paediatric Epilepsy Nurse Service

We aim to support children, young people and their families by providing information and advice on all aspects of living with Epilepsy.

The Paediatric Epilepsy Nurse is a new post within the Western Trust. It is aimed at developing the services provided to children and young people with epilepsy. The service will be covered by two part time nurses, one based in Altnagelvin and one based in the South West Acute Hospital.

Who is the service for?
✔    Any child or young person with a diagnosis of epilepsy or recurring seizures suggestive of epilepsy and have a named Paediatric Consultant within the trust.
✔    Any professional caring for children or young people with Epilepsy
✔    Any professional involved in providing paediatric epilepsy education or training.

How is the service accessed?

  • Professionals can refer a child or adolescent by completing a referral form and sending it to us. Alternatively by direct telephone contact to the Epilepsy Nurse followed by the referral form.
  • The referring person will be notified in writing, informing them of contact made with the child and family
  • Professionals seeking advice can contact the nurse via telephone or email.

What type of service is offered?

  • Provision of information, education and support to the child/ young person and their family.
  • Follow up contact for new patients diagnosed with Epilepsy to provide support and education.
  • Telephone contact for parents and or young person. There will be an answer machine with a clear message of hours worked and who to contact outside these hours.
  • A resource service for children, their families and professionals.
  • Epilepsy awareness sessions for health care professionals within the trust in partnership with education providers.
  • Support and guidance to professionals in their provision of epilepsy rescue medication training for parents, carer’s and health care professionals.
  • Networking with other specialists and nurses with an interest in Epilepsy to develop and improve the quality of services for children & young people with Epilepsy and their families.

Western Trust Epilepsy Awareness Presentation 2013 from westerntrust