Emergency Care & Medicine Services

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We provide both inpatient and outpatient Dermatology Services to the Western Trust Area.


General Medicine

There are four general medical wards, two in Altnagelvin and two in the South West Acute Hospital.



Cardiology services are provided at Altnagelvin, the South West Acute Hospital and Tyrone County Hospital sites. Inpatient and Coronary Care Unit facilities are in Altnagelvin and the South West Acute Hospital, with an assessment service in Omagh



Our Neurology service is supported by a visiting service from Belfast



We have a Respiratory ward on Altnagelvin site providing a range of respiratory services.  There are Consultant Respiratory Physicians on both the Altnagelvin and South West Acute Hospital sites.  There are also nurse specialists on all three Hospitals sites across the Trust.



Western Trust wide service provided by Consultant Rheumatologists and Nurse Specialist.  The Trust is continuing to develop the service for people in the western trust area.



There are two Renal Units within the Trust – Altnagelvin and Tyrone County Hospital – providing renal dialysis on a six day week basis.  Currently there are in-patient dialysis facilities (one station in each) on both the Altnagelvin and South West Acut Hospital sites. There is also a Home Therapies Renal Service providing Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis.



There is a diabetic service across the Trust provided by Consultants, Diabetic Nurse Specialists.  There is also a diabetic network manager in the Trust



Gastroenterology patients are seen both as inpatient and day case.  The service is led by Consultant staff.