Trauma, Orthopaedics and Fractures


The Western Trust provides a full range of Orthopaedic procedures including joint replacement, upper limb, foot and ankle surgery. 

We provide Trauma & Orthopaedic services to a catchment population of 350,000 which includes part of the Northern Trust.  The service is based at Altnagelvin Hospital where all inpatient and day cases are performed; however out-patient clinics take place in Omagh, Enniskillen, Coleraine and Limavady.

We have 13 consultant orthopaedic surgeons working across 2 elective operating theatres and 1 trauma theatre.  We have a team of orthopaedic anaesthetists to ensure that you are safely able to undergo your orthopaedic procedure. We also have 2 consultant ortho-physicians who manage the medical conditions of patient in the wards.

How to acess our service

The orthopaedic service relates to conditions of the bone and joints for which you require assessment or treatment initially as an outpatient. This is seen as elective or planned service - not emergency. The orthopaedic service is accessed through your GP.  If you feel you require a referral to our service you should make an appointment to discuss this with your GP.

Depending on your condition, your GP will refer through the musculoskeletal pathway to ICATS (Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service).  At this stage the referral is graded.  Not every orthopaedic condition needs to be seen by an orthopaedic consultant and can be managed by our ICATS team which combines expertise from a range of musculoskeletal disciplines.  The team ensures that those patients who are likely to require surgery are referred to see an orthopaedic consultant and that those who do not require surgery receive the appropriate care and support as quickly as possible.

Patients who have sustained a fracture or injury will usually be referred to the service following attendance at Emergency Department or Urgent Care and Treatment Centre. These pathways are known as emergency or unscheduled pathways for patients as they are as result of an injury or sudden onset condition like a bone infection.

Fracture/trauma patients are treated as both inpatients and outpatients.


Our Services

Outpatients Services

Outpatient services are provided at:

  • Altnagelvin Hospital 
  • South West Acute Hospital
  • Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex
  • Roe Valley Hospital (Limavady)
  • Causeway Hospital (Coleraine)

The types of clinics provided include:

  • Orthopaedic clinics by consultant surgeons
  • Nurse led clinics for children with developmental dysplasia of the hip
  • Pre-op Assesment clinics by specialist nurses and anaesthetists
  • Arthroplasty review clinics by a specialist nurse
  • Fracture liaison clinics by nurses and radiographers
  • Osteoporosis clinics by consultant rheumatologist
  • Orthopaedic clinics for children are provided by paediatric orthopaedic consultants from Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and some of these are combined clinics with consultant paediatricians from Western Health and Social Care Trust.
  • Staff endeavour to have patients seen at local clinics but this is not always possible.

There will often be a student present at outpatient clinics and patients will be advised regarding the reason for their presence during any consultations.

Fracture Clinic
Fracture Liason and Osteoporosis Service
Pre-operative Assesement
Arthroplasty Review

Inpatient and Daycase Services

The inpatient and daycase services are based in Altnagelvin Hospital. Please seek any information you require from the nurse in charge of each ward/department, we are always happy to answer your queries and help to ensure your time in hospital is as pleasant as possible. There are various professional groups involved in the care of Orthopaedic and trauma patients, nurses, physiotherapists, surgeons, physicians, occupational therapists, social workers and all staff should identify themselves. If they do not please just ask.

Trauma Surgery
Elective Surgery
Orthophysician Roles (including hip fracture care)
Physio Services
Occupational Therapy
Social Care

Useful Contact Details

Altnagelvin Hospital Main Switchboard
Tel: (028) 7134 5171

Partial Booking Office
Tel: (028) 7161 1309

Trauma & Orthopaedic Elective Co-ordinator
Patricia Hogg
Tel: (028) 7134 5171   Ext 216364

Consultant Secretaries
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