Older Peoples Mental Health Services

Our memory assessment service has been operating within the Limavady, Derry and Strabane areas of the Trust since April 2009. The memory clinic provides a service for early identification and diagnosis of dementia. Individuals who are concerned about their memory can be referred to this clinic by their General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Geriatrician, or Neurologist.

Referrals are discussed at the weekly multi-disciplinary team meeting before the person is invited for an initial assessment and screening appointment by the team. These appointments last approximately 1½ hours and family members are encouraged to attend this appointment. The outcome of the assessment is shared with the team and a decision is reached regarding any further assessment and finally regarding diagnosis.

At each step of the assessment process the patient is notified about what is happening and consent is sought. As soon as a team decision has been reached the patient and their family is invited to meet with the nominated team member and appropriate medical, psychological and social treatment options are discussed along with referral on to the most appropriate agency. For many people, this could be completed within one appointment.

The benefit of the team approach is that any decisions regarding diagnosis and it’s implications are considered from a medical, social and psychological perspective. Consideration of post-diagnostic needs are also considered on an individual basis. The Memory Clinic team consists of nursing, social work, psychiatry and psychology representation. This experienced staff team are dedicated to improving early access and diagnosis for those with a probable dementia.

The Memory Assessment Service is based at Oak Villa, Gransha Park. Tel: 028 71864384.

The Memory Assessment Team include:

  • Dr. Gillian Mullan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist  
  • Mrs Lorna Ming, CPN
  • Mrs Julie Doherty, Social Worker
  • Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Dr Stephen Todd, Consultant Geriatrician

For more information, download the Memory Assessment Service Booklet

Challenging Behaviour Service 

Behaviours that challenge are defined as actions that detract from the well-being of individuals, due to the physical or psychological distress they may cause within the settings they are performed.

The Challenging Behaviour Service uses a needs led framework to look at behaviours that challenge. We all have needs ranging from basic needs to more complex psychological and social needs. When our needs are not met, we will try our best to meet them. Sometimes our attempts to meet these needs can be challenging to others, especially when we are unable to communicate them effectively.

Using a ‘needs framework’, the Challenging Behaviour Service collects detailed information about the person’s life experiences, personality, physical and mental health history, medication regime, cognitive functioning and their current environment and the behaviour that challenges.

Referrals can be made by contacting the Call Management Centre on 028 7186 4399.

Find out more about our Challenging Bahaviour Service

Older Adults Psychology Service

The Over 65 Clinical Psychology service works alongside the Older People’s Community Mental Health Teams, with bases in Derry, Omagh and Enniskillen. A Clinical Psychologist is an NHS professional who is an expert in talking therapies. They spend time talking to people about their problems and discussing ways forward.

Clinical psychologists help people with a wide range of problems including depression, severe anxiety, trauma, post traumatic stress and memory difficulties. They can also help with family and relationship problems and coping with mental health difficulties and dementia within a family.

This Trust-wide service offers both inpatient and outpatient assessments and interventions.

The Clinical psychology service offers assessment of memory problems through the memory assessment clinic, in the Northern sector of the Trust, and in the Southern sector via referral from the Older People’s CMHT.

The service also offers assessment and intervention to individuals with dementia in residential and nursing home placements, exhibiting what is seen as challenging behaviour. This is offered through our Challenging Behaviour service.

The Older Adult Psychology Services are based at:
Oak Villa, Gransha Park. Tel: 028 71864384

  • Dr. Gillian Mullan, Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist
  • Mrs Lynsey McCleery, Chartered Clinical Psychologist
  • Mrs Mary McGarvey, Clinical Psychology secretary
  • Mrs Lisa Riddell, Challenging Behaviour Nurse
  • Mr Gary O’Doherty, Challenging Behaviour Nurse

Holly Villa, Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital.  Tel: 028 8283 5996 (Afternoon only)

Clinics are also held in Coleshill, Enniskillen

  • Dr Jean Donaghy, Chartered Clinical Psychologist
  • Mrs Karen McIvor, Clinical Psychology secretary
  • Mrs Nicola Hayes, Challenging Behaviour Nurse
  • Mrs Claire Maguire, Challenging Behaviour Nurse

Find out more about the Challenging Behaviour Service

Find out more about the Psychology Service

Download the Seeing a Clinical Psychologist guide. This is a guide to Psychological Treatment from the Western Trust Older Adult Clinical Psychology Team. 


Dementia and Older People's Mental Health Services Across the Western Trust area - Booklet.















This booklet is an overview of the services for dementia and older peoples mental health services provided by the Western Trust, the Independent, Voluntary and Community sectors. Included are key elements of service provision in relation to:









 Western Trust Services

  • Community Mental Health Teams
  • Acute Psychiatric Liaison Service
  • Memory Assessment Service - see more here.
  • Psychology Service
  • Challenging Behaviour Service
  • Inpatient Mental Health Services
  • Day Care Services
  • Homecare Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Services for Older People
  • Managing the Challenge Programme

Housing Services

  • Supported Accommodation
  • Residential and Nursing Homes

Voluntary And Community Services

  • Dementia Support and Respite - Alzheimers Society
  • Advocacy - Alzheimers Society
  • Foyle Floating Support
  • Tyrone and Fermanagh Floating Support
  • Promoting Independence and Providing Social Support for Older People
  • Community Bridge Building for Older People
  • Health for Life - Healthy Living Centre, Creggan
  • North West Ageing Well Together
  • Older People North West Carers Support Service
  • Drug and Alcohol Projects for Older People
  • Alcohol Related Brain Injury
  • Solace Catalyst Project
  • Fermanagh New Horizons - Alcohol Support Programme


Useful information and booklets: