Children's Diabetes Service

The specialised paediatric team provides support and education for children with diabetes and their families.

Altnagelvin Hospital: Dr. Bernie Trainor, Consultant; Jo McMichael, Specialist Nurse; Linda Irwin, Specialist Dietitian, Daphne Patterson;Specialist Nurse.

Tyrone County Hospital, Omagh: Dr. Nick Lipscomb, Consultant; Joanne McFarland, Specialist Nurse

South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen: Dr. Nick Lipscomb, Consultant; Joanne McFarland and Damien McHugh, Specialist Nurses; Kyrene Jennings, Specialist Dietitian

Children’s diabetes specialist nurses work in partnership with other members of the multidisciplinary team to provide support, education and advice for children/young people and their families in the management of diabetes. They aim to provide the optimum quality of care to these children/young people and their families to empower them to manage their own diabetes according to their age and development, thus allowing them opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

Children’s diabetes specialist nurses provide support through:

  • Education to children/young people and their families at diagnosis and ongoing according to age and development
  • Education for school teachers/classroom assistants
  • Education for carers/childminders
  • Education for medical and nursing staff on the care of children/young people with diabetes
  • Age appropriate group educational activities
  • Telephone advice and support
  • Nursing input to paediatric diabetes clinics
  • Paediatric diabetes specialist nurse led clinics
  • Nursing input to transition clinics for 16-18yrs moving to adult service
  • Home visits
  • Insulin pump service
  • Parents support groups

For further information, please contact:

Altnagelvin Hospital 
Daphne Patterson / Jo McMichael 
Paediatric Unit 
Altnagelvin Hospital 
Glenshane Road 
Londonderry, BT47 6SB

Tel: 028 7134 5171 Ext. 214786 


Tyrone County Hospital
Joanne McFarland
Paediatric Unit
Tyrone County Hospital
1 Hosptial Road
Omagh, BT79 0AW

Tel: 028 8283 3100


South West Acute Hospital
Paediatric Unit
124 Irvinestown Road
Enniskillen, BT74 6DN

Tel: 028 6638 2462

ext: 255020



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