Diabetes Specialist Dietitians

The dietitian can work with you to assess your eating habits and help you make lifestyle and food choices to manage your diabetes. Being diagnosed with diabetes means that you should be able to continue enjoying a wide variety of foods as part of a healthy diet. At first it can appear a challenge but the food choices you make and your eating habits are important in helping you to manage your diabetes and long-term health. Your diet plays an important part in the control of your diabetes, helping to control blood glucose, cholesterol, weight and blood pressure. Everyone with diabetes should see a dietitian at diagnosis and then have regular review. Dietitians are available at hospital clinics and at local GP practice and health centre clinics.

Dietitians take part in the education programmes for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

For further information contact:

 Londonderry / Limavady / Strabane   Diabetes Support Team:   
1st Floor  
Sevenoaks Fold  
Crescent Link  
BT47 6AL
Tel (028) 7131 4280
  Diabetes Specialist Dietitians:
Deirdre McCay
Hilary Friel
Lesley Hamilton
Nicki Perry 
 Omagh / Enniskillen   Diabetes Support Team:  
Oakhill House  
Block B  
Tyrone County Hospital  
Tel: (028) 8283 3246 
  Diabetes Specialist Dietitians:
Kyrene Jennings 
Siobhan Monaghan 
Julie Anne O'Connor
Lorraine Robinson


Visit the Diabetes UK website for dietary guidelines and information.

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