Physical Health Psychology Services

Being diagnosed and living with diabetes can affect people in very different ways. While some may find coping with diabetes has very little impact on day to day life, others may find it has turned their lives upside down.


The physical impact of diabetes is well reported but the emotional impact is not always recognised. Diabetes can have an emotional impact, especially around the time of diagnosis, starting insulin and on developing complications.


Many people find their own personal way to deal with these feelings, but for some they continue to struggle to come to terms with how their diabetes makes them feel.


It is important to talk to your healthcare team about how you are really feeling and referral can be made to the diabetes psychologist for support in managing/coping with your diabetes.


The physical health psychology teams are based at:

Northern Sector:

Agnes Jones House

Altnagelvin Hospital

Tel: (028) 7134 5171


Dr. Mary Dooher

Dr. Joanne Gallagher


Southern Sector:

Camowen Bungalow

Tyrone County Hospital

Tel: (028) 8283 3483



Miss Pauline Doherty


Clinics also at:

South West Acute Hospital


Tel: (028) 6638 2000



 Find out more about the Physical Health Clinical Psychology service.


The ‘How are you feeling? Coping with diabetes and depression’ leaflet is available to download from the Diabetes UK website.

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