Pre-Operative Assessment

We have a Pre-Operative Assessment team who assesses your health before your elective/planned procedure/surgery.  At the time a decision for surgery is made you should receive a healthcare questionnaire to complete. This will advise the pre- assessment team on any further assessment you need before admission.

If you require to attend for assessment you will have various tests/investigations carried out and your medical history reviewed by the Pre-op Nurses and an Anaesthetist if necessary.  Education will be provided on your upcoming surgery and leaflets will be provided on all relevant issues related to your surgery.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions too.

During you Pre-Operative assessment, you may see a physiotherapist and occupational therapist who will also take further details, carry out a physical assessment and provide further education.

If you require further optimisation for surgery, such as treatments for infections or blood disorders the nurse specialists at the POA service will co-ordinate this with you.

When you are deemed fit and ready for surgery you will be called for admission within eight to twelve weeks of your Pre-Operative assessment date.