Fracture Trauma Care and Surgery

Patients admitted for fracture trauma care are usually from the Emergency Department (ED) and Urgent Care and Treatment Centre (UCTC) and are unscheduled admissions. This can be a difficult time for patients and their families. Patients in the unit have a wide range of injuries such as hip fractures following falls, or multiple injuries following road traffic collisions.

Trauma/fracture surgery is carried out based on clinical priority depending on severity of the fracture/acute injury.

All patients admitted due to trauma/fracture are reviewed by the Orthopaedic surgical team and the trauma Co-Ordinator (nurse specialists) in order to optimise the patient for surgery. This may include carrying out tests, such as blood tests, x-rays or heart scans.  The surgeons and trauma Co-Ordinator will also be able to advise the patient and their family on what happens next.

There are two consultant Ortho-physicians in the unit who also help to optimise patients clinical condition for surgery and manage their medical condition whilst in the inpatient wards.

The service aims to treat all patients requiring fracture surgery within forty eight hours of them being fit for fracture/trauma surgery. To allow this to happen patients will usually be transferred post-surgery and when stable to a local rehabilitation unit if they cannot be discharged directly home. These pathways are well developed depending on the geographical area the patient lives in and will be explained by the ward staff.