Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy service provides assessment and treatment for patients admitted for elective orthopaedic surgery or with traumatic orthopaedic injuries.

The role of the Occupational Therapist is to enable patients to achieve their maximum level of functional ability in activities of daily living.  Our goal is to enable patients to be competent with these activities in order to promote a safe discharge.  This is vital for patients following joint surgery and for patients who have sustained fractures or complex multiple injuries. 

The Occupational Therapist focuses on patients whose medical condition is affecting their ability to complete their activities of daily living independently or safely through:

  • Ward based assessment and treatment – the Occupational Therapist will teach you new ways of moving safely during recovery and advise you how you can manage day to day activities such as washing, dressing, transferring in/out of bed and on/off your toilet and chair. 
  • Advice/provision of assistive equipment.
  • Home visit if deemed necessary.
  • Liaison with multi-disciplinary team and outside agencies.
  • Pre- operative assessment/advice and onward referral to Community Occupational Therapist as required.