Carers Information

Who is a Carer?

A carer is someone who regularly provides a substantial amount of care to a family member, friend or neighbour who is ill, disabled or is an older person.

A carer could be:

  • A young person under 18 looking after a parent/brother/sister;
  • Looking after a relative with a disability;
  • The parent of a child with special needs;
  • A friend or relative looking after an older person.



Download the Carers Support information leaflet:

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You do not have to be in receipt of Carers Allowance to be a carer. Some carers do not qualify for this benefit. For more information please download the Carers Allowance Factsheet.

Download the Western Trust Carers Handbook: an essential source of help and support for people who are looking after someone.


Download the Western Trust Carers Handbook (large print version)

Download the Western Trust Carers Handbook (Polish Translation)

Download the Western Trust Carers Handbook (Mandarin Translation)

Carers Support Needs Assessment

As a carer who provides regular and substantial care, you are eligible for a support needs assessment. This is an opportunity for you to sit down with a member of staff and discuss the impact of the caring role on all aspects of your life.

Carer support needs assessments are confidential and the Trust will seek your consent around who information can be shared with, if appropriate in order to agree supports for you. This may be specialist information, or a referral to a support group.

The outcome of the assessment will be discussed to see if Social Services or another agency can meet your needs. Any needs that are not met will be recorded as evidence of services that we cannot provide.  

Carers Group Cash Grants 2015

Any Carers group that is constituted and meets on a regular basis (at least bi-monthly) can apply for up to £500. The money can be used for any activities provide support for Carers that will benefit their health and well-being. The funding cannot be used for activities for the persons being cared for. Find out more...

Where to go for help, advice and information?

For help and advice about benefits:

  • Omagh Independent Advice Service
    Tel: (028) 8224 3252
  • Dove House Resource Centre, Londonderry
    Tel: (028) 7126 9327
  • The Resource Centre, Londonderry
    Tel: (028) 7135 2832
  • Churches Advice Centre, Spencer Rd, Londonderry
    Tel: (028) 7134 2536
  • Rosemount Community Resource Centre, Londonderry
    Tel: (028) 7128 2829
  • Limavady Community Development Initiative (LCDI)
    Tel: (028) 7776 5438
  • Citizens Advice Bureau:
    (Fermanagh)  Tel: (028) 6632 4334 
    Tel: (028) 7136 2444
    (Strabane) Tel: (028) 7138 2665
  • Carers NI  also provide advice and support via a helpline Tel: (028) 9043 9843

Benefits Information

The criteria for Carers Allowance is that carers have to be caring for more than 35 hrs/week. Carers who care for more than 20 hrs in the week are entitled to claim Carers Credit, which means they will have credits allocated towards their pension. Carers who fall into the category of caring between 20 -34 hrs per week can Claim Carers credits by completing an application which can be accessed on the NI Direct website by clicking here or contact Carers Allowance Branch,  Belfast Tel:  (028) 9090 6186, and they will post a form out.

For more Information and Advice contact:

Cathy Magowan
Carer Support Co-ordinator  
2 Coleshill Road, Enniskillen
Co. Fermanagh  BT74 7HG
028 6634 4163 

Or view our Carers Support Team Contacts.

Carers Group Grants Information

Grant Information
Carers Group Cash Grants Guidance 2017/18
Request for Carer Support Group Cash Grant Form
Carer Support Group Cash Grant Request to Finance Form
Carer Support Group Cash Payment Views & Receipts Record

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