Reablement Service

ReablementWhat is Reablement?
Reablement is a short term assessment and support service , lasting six weeks or less and is provided to people in their own home (in line with the Western Trust access criteria for homecare services). The Reablement Service will help you to do things for yourself rather than relying on others.

What will the Reablement Service do for me?
The Reablement Service is made up of a Team including Reablement Occupational Therapists and Reablement Support Workers who will support you to become more independent in daily living activities
such as:


  • personal care (washing, showering/bathing);
  • getting dressed and undressed;
  • getting into and out of bed or a chair;
  • toileting and promoting continence;
  • taking your medication;
  • meal preparation;
  • moving around your home;
  • social activities, such as luncheon clubs.

Who can use the Reablement Service?
You can use the Reablement Service if you are over 18 and:

  • Requiring a support package (such as a Domiciliary Care Package; or
  • Need an increase in your existing support package to help you with your daily living activities: and
  • If you have experienced a crisis, such as illness, deterioration in health or sustained an injury.

How do I get the Reablement Service?
You must be referred to the Reablement Team by a Health and Social Care Professional.

What will happen when I am referred to the Reablement Service?Reablement
You will receive a visit from the Reablement Occupational Therapist who will carry out an assessment of your needs.
This assessment will look at your daily living activities and will identify what youcan and cannot do for yourself. From this a plan will be agreed with you. The Reablement Support Workers will then work with you to help and encourage you to practice these daily living activities. This will help you regain skills and confidence that you may have lost, to enable you to live as independently as possible. As you improve the length and frequency of the visits will be reviewed and reduced by the Reablement Occupational Therapist.

What happens when Reablement finishes?
Many people can live independently in their own homes after Reablement without the need for social care support. However, if you still have ongoing needs, you will be referred by the Health and Social Care Worker dealing with you, to other services.

Contact Details:

Northern Sector Reablement Team
Spruce Villa, Gransha Park Clooney Road
Londonderry, BT47 6TF.
Tel: (028) 71 864 385

Southern Sector Reablement Team, Omagh Area
Joint Admin Working Space
Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex,
Omagh,7 Donaghanie Rd, Omagh BT79 0JJ
Tel:  (028) 82 835 935

Southern Sector Reablement Team, Enniskillen Area
New Hope Centre, Erne Road, Enniskillen
Fermanagh, BT74 6NN.
Tel: (028) 66 342 402

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